Dallas, Texas Silver Needle Tea Appreciation Association

About Us

The Dallas Silver Needle Tea Appreciation Association began as an experiment by local tea importer and enthusiast Jacob Writewood and Amanda Hugankis. The two tea lovers noticed that there was a thriving underground tea scene in Dallas, yet the community-at-large, including health buffs, were not aware of exhibits, free samples, and educational opportunities. Jacob and Amanda realized that a unifying organization could bring the tea appreciation, especially the really fine white teas like Silver Needle to Dallas in a productive and inspiring way. They believed that an organization such as the Dallas Silver Needle Tea Appreciation Association would improve the quality of life of every tea drinking Dallas resident.

Jacob and Amanda created a volunteer board to establish the tea association and within twelve short months, funding was in place to break ground on our Elm Street location. Fundraising and generous contributions from citizens, businesses, and city grants, were instrumental in creating Dallas's first tea tasting center. The Silver Needle appreciation association was not established to replace local tea shops. Rather, the association wanted to provide a communal presence to help local loose tea shops thrive, and unlock the health potential of every Dallas resident.

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